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How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted hair using a concentrated beam of light which penetrates the skin, targeting the hair follicles. The procedure is safe, effective, and has shown long-lasting results on many individuals. Here are some of the benefits of laser hair removal treatment:


1. Permanent hair reduction: Laser hair removal treatment targets the hair follicle, thereby removing hair, minimizing the possibility of regrowth.


2. Minimal pain: Compared to other hair removal methods such as waxing, threading, or plucking, laser hair removal treatment is virtually pain-free. Many patients can tolerate treatments without significant discomfort, especially with newer technology lasers like the diode which features comfortable air-cooling technology.


3. Saves time and money: Laser hair removal is much more long-lasting than other hair removal methods, which can save a significant amount of time and money. Patients who undergo laser hair removal typically require fewer treatments, and results can last for years or even be permanent.


4. Suitable for various skin types: Laser hair removal can be tailored to meet individuals' needs for a wide range of skin types and hair colors, unlike other hair removal methods such as waxing, which favors lighter skin and hair colors.


5. Precision: The laser targets hair follicles specifically, meaning that there is no damage to surrounding skin tissues. This gives a precise result with fewer side effects.


If you want to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin without going through the hassle and cost of frequent hair removal, then laser hair removal may be right for you. It's an effective and long-lasting solution that will make a positive difference in your life.


Hair growth occurs in three stages: the anagen phase, catagen phase, and telogen phase.

Each hair on your body can be in a different phase than the neighboring strand, which is why multiple treatments are needed to target each hair during its anagen phase.


Most clients will need six to ten treatments to achieve long-lasting hair reduction.


The anagen phase is when hair is still attached to the skin’s dermis and receives blood supply and nutrients through the follicle. Hence why, the anagen phase is commonly referred to as the active growth stage.


The catagen phase, known as the transition phase, is when hair follicles shrink and detach from the nutrient supply.


The telogen phase, or the resting phase, is when the loose hair rests in the follicle until it is pushed out by the growth of a new anagen hair.


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  • How often can I get treatments?
    CryoSlimming® treatments can be performed once every 14 days and CryoToning®/CryoFacial treatments can be performed every 3-7 days.
  • How long are Cryoskin treatments?
    The treatment lasts 20-44 minutes depending on the desired area and treatment type.
  • How long will results last?
    Results will depend on the individual and their lifestyle. CryoSlimming® is permanent with a healthy diet and lifestyle. CryoToning® and CryoFacials require maintenance treatments.
  • How quickly will I see results?
    We see results immediately with Cryo Slim & Cryo Lift. Toning can take up to 5 sessions before you see a difference.
  • What should I do pre/post treatment?
    Avoid working out 2 hours pre-treatment. Avoid carbs/sugars for a minimum of 2 hours before and after the treatment. Ensure that you drink enough water (a gallon or 7-8 bottles) every day for the 14 days following your treatment.
  • How Long Does A Session Last?
    Depending on the number of treatment handles applied, your treatment should normally take between 1.5 – 2 hours.
  • Is Fat Permanently Reduced
    Fat cells targeted in the desired treatment area are naturally metabolized out of the body for fat reduction which can be maintained with healthy eating and regular exercise.
  • What Can I Expect When I Visit DermaStar Skin & Laser For CRYOSLIM™?
    When you arrive at DermaStar Skin & Laser you will be greeted by our friendly staff at reception who will take you through to the CRYOSLIM™ treatment room to privately discuss the 3 phase process, what to expect during and after your treatment and answer any questions you may have. A body composition will be completed and photos/measurements taken of your desired treatment areas. During your CRYOSLIM™ treatment, your DermaStar Skin & Laser staff member will ensure you are comfortable. Following your CRYOSLIM™ treatment, you can redress in your treatment room and relax in reception before moving on with your day!
  • When Can I Expect To See Results?
    Every person’s physiology is different. However, the dissolving of the fat cells and the bodies’ ability to naturally metabolise them out of the body is a gradual process. Initial results can be seen after 4 – 8 weeks with final results seen around 8-12 weeks after the treatment. Clinical tests and studies have shown an average loss of 27% or 2-3 cm in the treated area.
  • Is CRYOSLIM™ Suitable For Everyone?
    CRYOSLIM™ is suitable for those who have stubborn areas of fat. It is not suitable for those who have tanned or sunbathed within the past 5 days, who are or may be pregnant, those who are breastfeeding or those with: Large amounts of fat to lose Liver problems or renal insufficiency Raynauds disease Hives due to intensive exposure to cold Crioglobulinemia Hipoproteinemia Severe diabetes Intolerance to Cryotherapy Fever Carcinoma Active infection Dermatitis, eczema, pimples Varicose veins, flebiti, thrombophlebitis Cancer, AIDS, hepatitis Injuries, scarring or streaking in the area for treatment
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